Scope of Services

A notary public is appointed to perform activities which the parties are obliged to or wish to provide in a notary form (notarial activities). The office of Notary Public Dariusz Wojtczak provides his clients with a full range of notary services provided for in the applicable law. According to the Act dated 14th February 1991, “The Law on Notaries”, the notary public performs the following activities:

  1. prepares notarial deeds, the most typical of which are: sale agreement, preliminary sale agreement, agreement terminating the preliminary sale agreement, conditional sale agreement, ownership transfer agreement, developer agreement, donation agreement, life annuity agreement, exchange agreement, agreement for the establishing of separate ownership of the flat/apartment, agreement for the dissolution of joint ownership, agreement for the inheritance division, marriage property agreement (including property separation), contract terminating the marriage contract, contract for the division of joint property, declaration on the establishing of easement, declaration on establishing a mortgage, declaration on submission to enforcement/execution, company’s agreement, company’s articles of association, articles of association of joint stock company, a declaration on the transformation of the entrepreneur into a limited liability company, 
a declaration on the establishing of a foundation, settlement agreement, a last will (including with an order, with ordinary bequest, with recovery bequest, disinheritance), revocation of a will, inheritance waiver agreement, declaration of acceptance or rejection of inheritance, power of attorney, protocol to the land and mortgage register application,
  2. draws up deeds of inheritance certification,
  3. takes actions relating with the European Certificate of Succession,
  4. draws up the certificates:
    • of the hand-written signature certification,
    • on the compliance of the extract, excerpt or copy with the 
 presented document,
    • the date of presenting the document,
    • about the person being alive or in a specific place,
  5. delivers the declarations,
  6. writes down the protocols:
    • General Meetings of social organizations, associations, 
 cooperatives, companies and other legal entities in cases 
 provided for by law,
    • in order to determine the course of certain activities and events,
      causing legal effects, in particular, concerning the appearance 
 of the parties and the statements made by them, and – at the 
 request of the appearing party – failure of the other party to 
  7. makes the protests of promissory notes and checks,
  8. accepts money and securities for safekeeping, documents, data made on the computer data carrier, which is mentioned in the rules on the computerization of activity of legal entities realizing the public tasks,
  9. makes the excerpts, copies and abstracts of the documents,
  10. upon the parties’ requests makes the drafts of deeds, statements 
 and other documents,
  11. submits the applications for entry in the Land and Mortgage Register, together with documents constituting the basis for an entry in the land and mortgage register,
  12. makes the other operations resulting from the separate legal 

The notary public provides the parties with the necessary explanations regarding the notarial activity being performed. The Notary performs notarial activities at the Notary’s Office in Ostrów Wielkopolski, as well as in any other place, if it is justified by the nature of the activity or special circumstances.

Documents and Fees

A person participating in a notarial act presents a valid identity document. We provide some services on a current basis, especially certification of the signature authenticity, compliance of the excerpt, extract or copy with the presented document, the date of presenting 
the document, and showing if a person is alive or in a specific place. However, many activities require previous preparation, collecting of documents and agreeing the date. Our knowledge of the type and contents of the intended notarial act, as well as the legal and factual status of its subject, will allow us to indicate what documents and information items are necessary to perform the activities in accordance with the law and with due care for the security of trading and the interests of our clients and persons, whose situation may be affected by this action. The employees of the Office and the notary public provide all legal advice and explanations free of charge. Therefore, each of the clients is asked to contact the Office by phone, e-mail or in person. 
It will be easier for us to provide quick and complete explanations and agreeing the date of the activities as soon as possible if the client provides basic information items during the first contact, e. g. in case of real estate and cooperative ownership right to the flat/apartment – the land and mortgage register number and the price (value) of the contract subject. For performing of notarial acts, the notary is entitled to remuneration specified on the basis of an agreement with the parties to the transaction, not higher than the maximum rates of notarial fee applicable to a given activity, as indicated in the applicable regulation by the Minister of Justice. The notary’s remuneration is increased by the value added tax (VAT). In accordance with applicable law, the notary public calculates, collects and transfers to the bank accounts of relevant institutions some taxes and fees, in particular:
  • tax on the civil law transactions (PCC),
  • inheritance and donation tax (SD),
  • court fees on applications for entry in the Land and Mortgage Register,
  • fees for entry into the Inheritance Register.
Clients contacting the Office will receive information items on all the costs of the intended notarial deed. All receivables can also be paid in a non-cash form, using a smartphone, smartwatch or payment card, in the systems such as VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, Diners Club, American Express, JCB, UnionPay, Google Pay and  Apple Pay. Customers are not charged with any additional fees for this. We also provide our clients with free internet access via Wi-Fi.


Dariusz Wojtczak
Kancelaria Notarialna

ul. Sądowa 1/2
63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski

tel. +48 62 720 44 80
fax +48 62 720 44 81
mobile +48 605 856 966


Bank account no.

98 1090 1160 0000 0001 2214 6261
(Santander Bank Polska S.A.)

Mon – Fri: 09:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Other dates and hours after the earlier agreement

Where are we?

The Notarial Office is located opposite the District Court building in Ostrów Wielkopolski, on the ground floor of the house situated at the corner of Sądowa Street and  Pl. Stefana Rowińskiego. There are many parking lots in the area, especially in the nearby Roman Catholic Con-cathedral of St. Stanislaus the Bishop Martyr.

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